Computer Vision

Facial Emotion Recognition PyTorch ONNX

Recognizing the facial emotions with Deep learning model trained on PyTorch and deployed with TF.js model converted with ONNX.

Pneumonia Diagnosis with Deep Learning

Web Application for Diagnosis of Pnuemonia with deep learning model trained and backed with PyTorch framework.

Computer Vision Security System

Computer vision security system server build with Python, OpenCV, Flask web server.

Hand Gesture Recognition

Recognizing the hand gesture using CNN feature extraction.

Lane Detection with Deep Learning

Lane Detection for self driving cars with Deep Learning(CNN) with the camera image data.

Multi Tasking Learning for face characterization

Multitasking learning to use the CNN extracted features for multiple tasks like predicting age, sex, face direction, etc.

Neural Style Transfer

Neural Style transfer of images in PyTorch.

Self Driving Cars Steering Angle Prediction

Prediction of which direction the car should change the steering direction in autonomous mode with the camera image as the input using transfer learning and fine tuning.

Self Driving Cars Vehicle Detection

Detection of other vehicles for self driving cars with YOLO in tensorflow.

Signature Verification with Deep Learning

Signature verification with siamese network.