Towards Automated Deep Learning: Analysis of the AutoDL challenge series 2019


We present the design and results of recent competitions in Automated Deep Learning (AutoDL). In the AutoDL challenge series 2019, we organized 5 machine learning challenges:AutoCV, AutoCV2, AutoNLP, AutoSpeech and AutoDL. The first 4 challenges concern each a specific application domain, such as computer vision, natural language processing and speech recognition. At the time of March 2020, the last challenge AutoDL is still on-going and we only present its design. Some highlights of this work include:(1) a benchmark suite of baseline AutoML solutions, with emphasis on domains for which Deep Learning methods have had prior success (image, video, text, speech, etc); (2) a novel any-time learning framework, which opens doors for further theoretical consideration; (3) a repository of around 100 datasets (from all above domains) over half of which are released as public datasets to enable research on meta-learning; (4) analyses revealing that winning solutions generalize to new unseen datasets, validating progress towards universal AutoML solution; (5) open-sourcing of the challenge platform, the starting kit, the dataset formatting toolkit, and all winning solutions (All information available at {}).

NeurIPS 2019 Competition and Demonstration Track

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Zhengying Liu, Zhen Xu, Shangeth Rajaa, Meysam Madadi, Julio C. S. Jacques Junior, Sergio Escalera, Adrien Pavao, Sebastien Treguer, Wei-Wei Tu, Isabelle Guyon ; Proceedings of the NeurIPS 2019 Competition and Demonstration Track, PMLR 123:242-252, 2020.